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Next week is homecoming!!!   The theme is There's No Place Like Homecoming! (think Wizard of Oz).  Spirit days will be the following: 

  • Monday, September 19th: "Waking Up in Oz" (Pajama Day)
  • Tuesday, September 20th: "Twister Tuesday" (Wacky Day)
  • Wednesday, September 21st: "North, South, East, West" (Each grade wears a different color--Teachers: Red, 6th grade: Green, 7th grade: Blue, 8th Grade: Purple)
  • Thursday, September 22nd: "I'll Get You My Pretty!" (Hex Day--Wear Blue/White to put a Hex on Hermann)
  • Friday, September 23rd: "There's a Storm Coming!" (Orange and Black Day!/Homecoming!)
STUCO election Friday 9-23-22
letter regarding bullying presentation

Homecoming is on Sept. 23.  We will have an assembly in the afternoon, and then students will watch the parade.  Grade levels will do different activities with their students. Please remind students about making good choices with unstructured time.



Picture Day Is: Thursday, October 6, 2022


Wagner Portrait Group will be photographing students for portrait packages & school records.


(Please do not bring checks, cash, or order forms to school as they will no longer be accepted.)



Online Pre-Order Password: 5B9P4Z4V


Can’t order online or have other questions? We are happy to help!  314-567-5900


On September 30 Megan Meier Foundation will present to our students about cyberbullying and suicide.  More information will be coming home soon.

The first OMS Dance will be on Oct. 7 from 3:30-5:00. Students won’t be allowed to walk to the high school parking lot for the football game.  Remember, students must be accompanied by an adult to the game, and they sit with the adult they come with.  Permission slips will be going home soon.


Parents and students, please note the new cell phone policy. This is in the handbook, and you signed off on it during your online registration. 

2. Cell phone (including text messaging) and other Electronic Devices - Cell phones/electronic devices should not be seen
or used upon entering Owensville Middle School. If a student has a cell phone/electronic device that they must bring to
school, that device should be turned off and kept in their assigned locked locker or backpack for the duration of the day.
Cell phones/electronic devices will be confiscated if students have them out at school for any reason throughout the school
day. Students may use their devices AFTER the dismissal bell rings at the end of the day. The school is not responsible for
cell phones/electronic devices and will not use administrative time to investigate lost or stolen cell phones/electronic
devices. Parents, please refrain from texting your student during the school day.

Technology insurance is available for $25.00, or it will cost a new Chromebook if there are damages without the insurance.

Students must have a note to go home a different way.

6th Grade Supply List

  • 2 pairs of earbuds (1 for advisory teacher and 1 to keep on them during school at all times) NO AIRPODS!  If earbuds are lost or broken at any point throughout the school year, they need to be replaced immediately.

  • 1 pk index cards (ELA)

  • 2 composition notebooks (1 for Science and 1 for ELA)

  • 2 pk colored pencils (1 for Science and 1 for other classes)

  • 2 zippered pencil pouches (1 for Science and 1 for other classes)

  • 1 - 70-pg. spiral notebook (Social Studies)

  • 1 - 100pg. spiral notebook w/ plastic cover for durability (Math)

  • 1- 4 pk. highlighters (2 for self, 2 for ELA community*)

  • 1 pr. scissors

  • 3 glue sticks

  • 3 dozen pencils (3 individual pencils will be Advisory community*)

  • 6 colored ink pens (blue, black, green or red please)

  • 2 boxes of facial tissue (Advisory community*)

  • Scenic Regional Library Card (If you have questions on how to apply, please see Mrs. Greenwalt in the OMS Library.)


OPTIONAL: 4-function calculator.  Please remember students are not allowed to have cell phones out during tests, and only when they have teacher permission.


Art Supplies: (Band and Choir students do not need these)

  • 1 Sketchbook or spiral notebook (approximately 9x12)

  • Eraser

  • Pencils


Backpacks are to remain in lockers throughout the day.  Students are not allowed to travel with them from class to class.  Also, no wheeled backpacks please as they do not fit in the lockers.  If your student brings a water bottle to school, it should be clear.  If your student chooses to place a lock on his/her locker, the office must be given the combination code or a spare key.


* Community items will be given to your teacher and kept in the classroom to be used by all of the 6th grade. This helps us quickly replace pencils and paper as needed throughout the school year and provide for the health needs of each other.

OMS 7th Grade Supply List

2 sets of inexpensive earbuds to leave at school, 

  • 1 Pouch that holds pens/pencils etc.

  • 3 pkg. Pencils (12 or more)

  • Glue sticks (several)

  • Colored pencils

  • Scissors

  • Black dry erase markers 

  • 1 Pocket Folder 

  • 2 Packages Wide Ruled Loose Leaf Paper

  • 1 Ream White Copy Paper

  • 1 - 1-Subject Spiral Notebook [for English]

  • 1 2inch 3-ring binder [for English]

  • 3 composition notebooks NOT spiral

  • 1 pack of white Index cards 

  • 3 (or more) boxes of facial tissue

  • 1  Large Binder with Zippers (optional)

Art Supplies: (Band and Choir students do not need these)

  • 1 Sketchbook or spiral notebook (approximately 9x12)

  • Eraser

  • Pencils

***Please resupply throughout the year

** No wheeled backpacks (they won’t fit in the lockers).

OMS Eighth Grade School Supply List

●      4- Composition Notebooks

●      Multi pack of sticky notes for ELA

●      Color pencils (sharpener)

●      Pencils (to be replaced as needed)

●      Highlighters

●      1 Box of Kleenex OR 1 Container of Disinfecting Wipes OR 1 bottle of Germ-X

●      Calculator

●      Ear Buds


Art Supplies:

(Band, Choir, Industrial Tech/Music are exempt from art supplies)

●     1 Sketchbook or spiral notebook (approximately 9x12)

●     Eraser

●     Pencils

●     Sharpie Marker (black)



●      Crayons OR Markers


** No wheeled backpacks (they won’t fit in the lockers).















If you are not receiving notes regarding information about the school, don't hesitate to get in touch with the OMS Office at 437-2172.











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